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Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s been almost a week since Thanksgiving and so far I did not have to cook anything, we have been living from leftovers for the past few days. I clearly over-prepared and we ended up with a lot of leftovers, especially a lot of Turkey since everyone was almost full by the time we got to the Turkey.


I thought I’d post some ideas about how to incorporate your leftovers in your meals so it doesn’t feel like you eat the same thing and you don’t waste the food either.

Let’s attack the first thing on the Menu – the TURKEY. This year I bought an 18 pound Turkey and we were 8 adults and 5 kids at the table. While I was preparing everything I thought my 18 pounds of Turkey will not be enough however, everyone was stuffed by the time it was Turkey time so they just tasted it. My Turkey was marinating for 2 days, bathing in wine and plain kefir; I also stuffed it with onions and different herbs so it was very flavorful, it was actually delicious!!!

Here are few things that you can consider for leftover turkey meat:

  • Freeze it – you can take the meat off the bones and freeze it, use it later in some of the following dishes
  • Pasta Sauce – cut the turkey meat in small pieces, saute with onion and garlic, add tomato sauce and a couple table spoons of wine and serve it over pasta
  • Omelette – saute the turkey meat with some veggies, add eggs and serve a delicious omelette the following day
  • Scrambled eggs with Turkey – if you prefer scrambled eggs over omelette this would be a great morning choice
  • Frittata – when I posted my frittata recipe I was saying you can put anything in your frittata. in this case add some Turkey and leftover veggies and you have a brand new dish
  • Potato Salad with Turkey – this is a spin on the Potato Salad with Chicken recipe I posted a while back but still delicious
  • Turkey Cranberry salad – cut the turkey meat in small pieces, add dried cranberries, chopped onion and celery, walnuts and mayo and you have a winner salad
  • Grilled Cheese sandwich with Turkey – add some shredded turkey to your grilled cheese sandwich
  • Turkey Pizza – my kids love pizza so we made one with leftover turkey, we added tomato sauce to the pizza dough, cheese and some shredded turkey. If you like barbecue sauce you can replace the pizza or tomato sauce with barbecue sauce or do a combination of the two sauces
  • Turkey Tacos – to my sons’ suggestion we alternate our Fridays between Pizza Fridays and Taco Fridays so I froze some Turkey for our Taco Friday later this week. Just add shredded Turkey to your taco shell (you can worm it up in the oven or microwave) add your toppings (cheese, sour cream, beans, lettuce, corn) anything you would usually enjoy in your taco. Sounds delicious!

Few other ideas for using your leftovers:

  • Peanut Butter Cranberry Sauce sandwich – my son tried this the morning after thanksgiving and loved it; he did the same combination today (peanut butter – cranberry sauce) with waffles
  • Leftover veggies frittata – use the veggies in a frittata
  • Turkey Broth – boil the turkey bones and freeze the broth for future cooking
  • I froze the leftover soup in small containers and we will enjoy it in a few days or weeks
  • Anything I may be missing you can probably freeze, don’t leave any leftover to sit for too long in the fridge, it’s better to have them in a freezer and use as needed.

Hope this was useful, I would love to hear more suggestions.

Thanksgiving leftovers breakfast
Thanksgiving leftovers breakfast


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