• Maple Syrup

    Backyard Sugaring

    This is not something I had on my wish list but since we have few maple trees in our backyard, last year we decided to tap some of them so the kids would see the process of making Maple Syrup. It was such a  great experience that we will continue to do this every year.

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    SugarFree September

    Sometime in August we decided to cut sugar during the month of September and by we I mean ‘I’ decided to try a sugarfree month for our family and had to convince everyone else to jump on board (by everyone else I mean a 3 years old, a 5 years old, a 7 years old and my husband who likes Pepsi).  Once I got my husband’s approval I started preaching to my kids and getting them ready that we will not have any sugar in September. I will start by saying that our September SugarFree month was not completely sugar free (at least not for all the members of the…

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    Bread Pudding

    I love baguettes  and french bread but they go stale so quickly. Here is a quick recipe to use basically with any stale bread. I usually prepare everything in the evening, let it soak in the fridge over night and bake it in the morning; My kids love this bread pudding with maple syrup in the morning.