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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

I can’t believe Easter is a week away, or two weeks for the Orthodox Easter !!! Here is some inspiration for naturally dying your eggs; this will be the 3rd year I use fruit and vegetables to color the eggs and it’s always a surprise and excitement to see the results.

Easter eggs 2

The Process:

  • Wipe the eggs with vinegar (also I pick both white and brown eggs as they will come out looking pretty different after the coloring process)
  • Divide the eggs in different pots (usually I do 4-5 eggs of each color) and cover them with water
  • Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to each pot
  • Boil the eggs with the different fruits and vegetables and leave them in the same water for few hours after they boiled (or even put the pot overnight in the fridge)

***Note – when you boil the eggs you can either wrap them in onion skin or the different fruits and vegetables and use cheese cloth to keep it all together or you can just put everything to boil in a pot

Eggs wrapped in onion skins
Eggs boiled with the onion skins (without being wrapped)

***Note –  for decoration you can use a white wax crayon to draw different shapes before boiling the egg or use rubber bands to wrap the eggs before boiling


What I Use:

  • Brown and red onion skins – >the result is a brown-red eggs. Eggs will look different if you wrap the eggs in skins and cheese cloth vs. boiling the eggs with the skins without wrapping them. By wrapping you will get a beautiful pattern and patches of different shades of brown.
  • Wild or regular blueberries, the color of the wild blueberries is much stronger than the regular blueberries (you can find frozen wild blueberries at Trader Joe’s) -> the result is purple eggs
  • Spinach -> the result is light green eggs
  • Turmeric ->the result is yellow eggs
Eggs colored with Turmeric
  • Beets ->the result is pink eggs
  • Red cabbage -> the result is blue eggs
Eggs colored with Red Cabbage – the different shapes will show when you leave the eggs with the cabbage for a couple hours after they finished boiling

easter eggs 1

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