Few european items I frequently buy

Here are some of the items I frequently buy from the European stores; most of them cannot be found in the large grocery stores all around the US, but mainly in the small european stores or online. I will keep the list open in case you have any suggestions on what else to add

Knorr Bors Magic with Vegetables
I frequently use this in soups

Sometimes we make this vegetable spread at home but it’s also nice to be able to buy it from time to time. This flavorful mix of roasted vegetables makes a great appetizer

Greek Style Caviar Spread – Taramosalata (krinos)


Hungarian Salami

Podravka Jetrena Pasteta – Liver Pate

Livada Romanian Plum Jam I recently tried the Livada Jams and they are really delicious

Rose Hip Jam (Podravka) I absolutely love the Podravka products and the rose hip jam is amazing.

Eugenia Original Biscuit with Cacao  Anyone who grew up in Romania knows about this great cookie. My kids also like it

7 Days Mini Croissants


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