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Chimney Cake (KÜRTŐSKALÁCS, Kürtos Kalacs, Cozonac Secuiesc)

The KÜRTŐSKALÁCS is one of my favorite desserts. I would never say no to such a delicious pastry. Although known today as being a Hungarian pastry, the chimney cake originated in Transylvania, Romania.

I will post a recipe for the Chimney Cake (KÜRTŐSKALÁCS, Kürtos Kalacs, Cozonac Secuiesc), however I never adventured to make one at home because of the equipment needed to cook it – the Chimney Cake is cooked over open fire using sort of a rotisserie device. Also, it tastes so much better when its freshly baked and its too much work to do a couple Chimney Cakes at a time.

Anyway, whenever I find it (which is not very often in the US) I treat myself with one. The Chimney Cake (KÜRTŐSKALÁCS, Kürtos Kalacs) is a sweet bread dough flat rolled and cut into thin long stripes which are then rolled on a wooden cone. Before being cooked (grilled), the dough is rolled through sugar which caramelizes during the cooking process.Once cooked you can either eat it plain (just the caramelized sugar on top – my favorite) or roll it through other delights like coconut, cocoa, sprinkles, ground walnuts, cinnamon or many other creative ingredients.One thing I forgot to mention is the irresistible smell while cooking. You will definitely not be able to pass by without stopping to get one.



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