All Lavender

My Lavender obsession is at all time high these days. I absolutely love this plant. First it’s just beautiful and smells divine; I dream of someday having a lavender field but that is a far away dream as all the Lavender plants I used in my garden have never survived the Ohio winter so every spring I plant new ones but they don’t grow to their full potential.

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Hot Wine, Mulled Wine, Glühwein

If you have visited Europe during winter months you have definitely seen Hot Wine as an item in restaurants or sold on the streets. No Christmas market would be complete without Glühwein; the image of people dressed in winter clothes strolling the streets while sipping a cup of Hot Wine and looking at the unique items christmas market vendors have to offer is something I miss every year I spend Christmas in the US.

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If you get to visit Eastern Europe you will quickly see that wine is served with soda water – Spritzer Wine. The wine-soda ration is different based on everybody’s taste, however you will notice that Spritzer Wine is much more refreshing than a regular glass of wine (probably the 2 parts wine – 1 part soda is the most popular).

Depending o the wine you drink you can also use Coke or Pepsi (especially with the red wine).