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Breakfast Inspiration

I thought I’d post some breakfast inspiration for the week ahead.

We have 3 kids between ages 2 and 6 so to say that mornings are a hectic time would be an understatement. Between waking them up, trying get them all dressed, fed and out the door before 8.15 we don’t have time to enjoy a family breakfast every day so I try to make up for that in the weekends. One rule I follow during the week is that I try to provide something else every day for breakfast. Yes, I try to not run our of cereal and milk and that is my go to choice if I don’t have time for anything else but otherwise I try to put some fruit and veggies in their breakfast.

Smoothy Bowl
Smoothy Bowl

Avocado is one of my staple fruit/vegetables for breakfast, we have that with toast, sliced over omelette, in a sandwich or sometimes I add it to a smoothie. I am lucky my kids like it and never say no to a bit of avocado.

We also eat a lot of cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in the morning mainly as a side to eggs or omelette or in a breakfast sandwich. My kids also enjoy eating cucumber slices with some cream cheese.

Here is what we had for breakfast in the last week:


Saturday we had eggs and crepes for breakfast. We also had orange juice and some cantaloupe on the side.

We filled the crepes with chocolate, strawberry spread, honey and walnuts. I will post the crepe recipe I use soon 🙂


On Sunday we had a smoothy bowl and some avocado/cucumber toast.

Usually for our smoothies I use any fruits we have in the house and like to add fresh kale and spinach / Goat Milk Kefir (this is delicious if you haven’t tried it) / and a little bit of Orange juice. On Sunday our smoothy included :

  • 1 pack frozen acai
  • 2 bananas
  • about 3 cups cubed cantaloupe
  • 1 apple
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • about 2-3 cups kale
  • 1/2  to 1 cups goat milk kefir
  • 1/2 cups orange juice

Each of us topped our smoothy bowl with their choice of fruit/home made granola/cereal /shredded coconut / chia seeds.


I actually prepared Monday breakfast the night before. I bought a baguette on Saturday and since we only eat half of it I used the other half to make a Bread Pudding for Monday morning.

Bread pudding is so easy to make. I literally took 5 minute on Sunday evening to cut the baguette in cubes and soak it in milk,eggs and vanilla. I usually don’t put cheese but this time I also had about a cup of ricotta in the fridge so I added that to the milk/egg mixture and some raisins since my youngest loves those. Left everything overnight in the fridge and I baked it in the morning. We served it warm with maple syrup! It was delicious!!!

We also had some sliced apples and oranges on the side.


Tuesday we had toast again. My husband and I had some smoked salmon, cucumbers and dill with our toast. My son had hummus and the girls went for some cream cheese, veggies and olives. We also had strawberries on the side.


Wednesday we had a milk and cereal/ home made granola day. I prefer to have my granola with goat milk kefir but on Wednesday I tried it with some almond milk. We also had some fresh pineapple on the side.

Home-made granola and milk


My kids love grilled cheese sandwiches in the morning so that’s what we had on Thursday with milk and fruit on the side.


On Friday we had boiled eggs. When we went to Austria they always served us boiled eggs for breakfast with some cheese, ham on the side. Also they had a great spread of jams and delicious crusty bread. This seemed to be the staple breakfast. However, I loved that the boiled eggs always had a little hat to keep them warm 🙂 so I brought few egg hats from Europe and we use them every time we have boiled eggs. They look so cute.



Here are few other ideas for Breakfast… i would love to hear what is everyone else having for breakfast.

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