About Us

Hello and welcome to our Eastern European Cuisine blog!

The Kitchen is my favorite room of the house. It’s where we all meet and talk about our day, where we day dream, make plans and fuel our soul and body while savoring delicious food. The kitchen is also the room we use to connect with our roots, where we talk about our history and where we come from by making traditional Eastern European food.

Growing up I loved spending time in the kitchen watching my mother and grandmothers cook and being a recipe tester. I hope my kids will love to learn our home country as much as I do through our cooking. 

I am using our kitchen to give my kids and you a taste of our origins while being thousands of miles away from home. This blog is all about Eastern European cooking and culture. 

I hope this blog will entice you enough to learn more about the Eastern European culture or at least try some of the delicious recipes.